West Caicos

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This 10-square mile island has been uninhabited for the last century, but that is about to change. The Island Villas at
Molasses Reef, a Ritz-Carlton Managed Residence, is a low-density residential community that is currently under construction, including yacht harbour and airport. The island has a romantic and rich history of pirates, sisal production, salt raking, fishing and even oil refining. Ruins of the various industries can still be found, including old stone buildings and railroad tracks. A natural habitat for a variety of wildlife, you are likely to spot turtles, ospreys and flocks of pink flamingos. The west coast is testament to the history of this rugged isle with rock carvings by shipwrecked sailors and even Lucayan remains. A marine reserve offers some of the world’s best diving sites, including the West Caicos wall dropping off to a 7000 foot abyss.

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