Travel Information

Flying time between Miami and Providenciales via jet is approximately 1hr 20mins. American Airlines currently operate three times flights daily from Miami to Providenciales, scheduled flights from New York (JFK) Tuesday through Sunday, and a weekly service from Boston.

US Airways operate 4 flights weekly from Charlotte, NC, while Delta have a weekly service from Atlanta, GA on Saturdays. British Airways fly direct from London Heathrow (LHR) via Nassau, each Sunday.

There are also various scheduled flights from other Caribbean countries such as Jamaica, Bahamas, Dominican Republic and Haiti.

The US dollar is the official currency of Turks & Caicos Islands. Most hotel, restaurants and taxi services accept traveler's cheques which can also be cashed at local banks. Most credit cards are accepted and banks offer ATM's, as well cash advances on credit cards.

Turks & Caicos is on EST, with Daylight Saving Time observed from April to October.

Departure Tax: US $23 is levied on all persons over the age of 2.