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Staging Your Turks and Caicos Home for Buyers
2011-05-27 20:59:02 by Louise Peterson
Every seller wants their home to sell quickly and bring them top dollar. Sounds reasonable – how about a little staging to attract the perfect buyer? Just as curb appeal is the first thing buyers notice from their car, a few minor changes inside could quite possibly seal-the-deal before your competition does. Turn your home into the one agents and buyers line-up to see.

The first step is to let go of the emotions and attachment you have to the home. View it as you would if you were seeing it for the first time, as a potential purchaser.
Don’t let anything distract from the home itself, get rid of the clutter. Put things away in bins (labeled) or rent an off-site storage facility, de-clutter. You want buyers to think “I can see myself living in this home”, not “Look at all the stuff they’ll need to move if we close”. Downsize now. If you haven’t worn it, used it, or moved it in the last 18 months – 2 years, donate it or throw it out. Your house is for sale – start the process of downsizing now rather than at the last minute. Garage filled to the rafters with boxes of stuff and no room for your cars? Buyers love a nice clean and organized garage; it suggests there is extra space included in the sale price.

Laundry Room – keep it tidy, organized and smelling clean. Put dirty laundry in a hamper in the closet, keep it out of sight and remember to safely store the ironing board. If there is room install a hanging rack (single bar) above the utility sink and place some empty hangers there. It gives the impression that it’s a complete room – no more ironing in the family or living rooms.

If there are things that will not convey with the home (other than major appliances, etc, that are noted in the listing agreement) remove them. Items that have sentimental value (heirloom chandelier) lights or fixtures, built in shelving units, etc, may be heading to your new home with the family – it’s better to make the changes now to avoid issues later on.

Buyers snoop. They open cupboards, drawers, closets, everything and anything that “comes with the house” – they are checking the storage areas, kitchen cupboard configuration, washer & dryer, dishwasher, oven, refrigerator, built-ins, bookshelves, etc. They will also check to see where electrical outlets are (on the kitchen wall or just stove) and perhaps cable and phone connections as well. While doing this they are looking to see if they need to make any changes, additions, or spend money to satisfy their “wish list”.

Lighting – make sure the windows are clean, drapes or blinds washed and the lights inside and out are in good working order.

Furniture – arrange the furniture to compliment the room, make it inviting by creating an easy conversation area – have it say “I’m home”. Make the most of the space you have – a potential purchaser needs to be able to see themselves sitting in the living room, eating at the dining room table, cooking in the kitchen and sleeping in the bedrooms.

Make repairs now, cracked tiles, leaky faucets, partially buried pavers or stepping stones in the back yard, drainpipes or gutters that leak, broken boards in a fence or burned out light bulbs in exterior lighting. Show buyers that this home is ready for them at closing.

Overall – keep the home in “ready to show” condition while it’s on the market. A little bit of work now may bring a nice offer and give you a moving date faster than you think. Remember, you want the buyer to begin the “moving in process” as soon as they see it for the first time – help them get there with a great first impression.