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Upcoming Events on Turks & Caicos
2011-03-08 11:00:18 by
Don't miss these events planned for March (as reported by FPTCI.com).

1. Wine Cellar's Fishing & Golf Tournament, March 25-26. The starting point will be the Turtle Cove Marina; there will be a maximum of four anglers per vessel and a maximum of 40 vessels. Each team will utilize their skill and luck to reel in the “catch of the day.” This event will specialize in species of mahi-mahi, tuna and wahoo. There will be cash prizes awarded both days for the heaviest fish caught, as well as overall cash prizes for first, second and third place finishers based on most poundage of fish caught. 20% of overall proceeds from this event as well as 20% of all cash prizes awarded will be donated to the Edward Gartland Youth Centre and the Provo Hockey League.

2. Provo Golf Club, March 27-28, Golf Tournament.

3. Whale watching. Try a boat whale tour or watch from the northern shores of Providenciales around Amanyara.

4. Enjoy lobster before the season ends March 31. The spiny lobster is a Caribbean specialty and begins spawning in April, so try it in March at one of our seafood restaurants.